The band formed in early 2016 after the folkrock band Moongrass decided to disband. Willie Reavis was born and raised in Whatcom County but his sound is distinctly that of the south. His grandfather was born in Pocahontas, Arkansas and was known to be a gospel and bluegrass singer. Willie’s southern roots certainly come through in his music and songwriting style. Many have described the band as a step back in time to the honky tonk and juke joint music of the 50’s. The band consists of Willie Reavis (guitar & harmonica), Tom Mckay (bass), Cole Melcher (lap steel), Taylor Merlina (Guitar & Mandolin), Eli Watson (drums), and Arielle Luckmann (Fiddle). Recently the boys have begun collaborating with Skagit County singer/songwriter Matney Cook (of The Mudflat Walkers) – who brings her lovely voice and talent to the band.